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Light Delivery System

Patented light delivery system utilizes custom optics which puts more light onto and down through the plant’s canopy… where it really counts.

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Wireless Control

“Theia” (thee-uh) is our proprietary lighting control app. Available on Android and iOS, Theia puts you in control of dimming, spectrum tuning, scheduling and cloud storage for custom recipes.

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Spectrum Adjustability

All of our lights come with a preset Veg or Flower spectrum while an advanced R&D mode gives you complete control to simulate sunrise/sunset or bring in more blues or reds as your photo morphological testing dictates.

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Scynce’s fixtures are built to be water submersible, not just conformal coated. They will withstand power washing, greenhouse leaks and fire suppression events. Our 5 year warranty puts our money where our mouth is!

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Helping Plants Express Who They Really Are

The Kush II was built for those who like to push the limits. It’s full power spectrum tuning capability allows you to mimic almost any spectrum while maintaining over 1,000 PPFD at the canopy. It’s time to unlock the true potential of what your plants can be when they grow up.

Over 1,040 average PPFD at under 34 watts/sq.ft.

Enter the Dragon alpha. Improved efficiencies, a better optical delivery system and full-power spectrum tuning make this Dragon the dominant leader of the pack.

Crush it in your early stage growth.

The Raging Kale is the first early-stage grow light that offers wireless spectrum tuning and delivers over 530 average PPFD at under 18 watts/sq.ft.

How Do You Grow?

Single Level

Dragon Alpha

Flower: 17.5sf of coverage at 1,040 avg. PPFD

Power: 600 watts from the wall

Hanging height: 24″ to 48″ over the canopy

Cooling: active with auto roll-back protection

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Raging Kush

Veg: 25sf of coverage at 658 avg. PPFD

Flower: 16sf of coverage at 1,080 avg. PPFD

Power: 690 watts from the wall

Hanging height: 6″ to 18″ over the canopy

Cooling: passive with auto roll-back protection

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Greenhouse Supplimental

Dragon Alpha

High DLI: 35sf of coverage at 515 avg. PPFD

Low DLI: 48sf of coverage at 285 avg. PPFD

Power: 600 watts from the wall

Hanging height: 36″ to 72″ over the canopy

Cooling: active with auto roll-back protection

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Dragon SL

Veg: 30sf of coverage at 534 avg. PPFD

Power: 600 watts from the wall

Hanging height: 18″ to 36″ over the canopy

Cooling: active with auto roll-back protection


Raging Kale

Veg: 12sf of coverage at 537 avg. PPFD

Supp: 30sf of coverage at 226 avg. PPFD

Power: 250 watts from the wall

Hanging height: 6″ to 36″ over the canopy

Cooling: passive with auto roll-back protection

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Inside a

Options Include

5×5: A pair of Dragon SLs at 1,067 avg. PPFD
or a Raging Kush at 825 avg. PPFD

4×4: Raging Kush at 981 avg. PPFD

4×2: Raging Kale at 671 avg. PPFD

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Scynce user for 3 years


Scynce user for 2 years

Twenty20 Mendocino

Scynce user for 3 years

Success Backed by Scynce


Secondary optics help to focus light energy, similar to how glasses help some of us see better. They eliminate the pin point intensity that plague most LEDs and some traditional lights while guaranteeing an even intensity across the grow surface and penetrating deep below the canopy.

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Just as humans need to eat fruits, vegetables, grains and protein to survive, plants need light to photosynthesize. It’s their food and different plants thrive on different kinds of food/light. Are your plants getting exactly what they need in order to express themselves with maximum yield?


Join us on some brief observations and technical deep dives into how LEDs are changing the landscape of controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Learn and laugh from these educational quips that are sure to make Jack Handy proud. AKA the blog of Scynce.


“Finally, an LED fixture that delivers on its promises. The Dragon XL is the first LED that has been able to deliver both the yields and quality as the industry standard 1000w DE HPS. Throughout our testing we have seen up to 25% increases in yields over traditional lighting technologies on specific strains. The sleek design coupled with its extreme output puts this fixture well ahead of the curve in the LED marketplace.”

Brian York

Director of Cultivation

AZ Natural Selections

I have only done one run with the S Turbo and am thoroughly satisfied. I am awaiting the Alpha and am very excited to get started with it. Sales support has been excellent through both purchases. I’ve reached out to other Scynce users for support and been appreciative of the web support on the site. Good info there if your not already looking.


Scynce LED is putting out some phenomenal products that are producing insane resin and color in my Mimosa genetics. The LEDs  pack weight and are much denser than the CMHs. I can honestly say that these lights crush it, especially being able to keep them at 18″ above canopy at 100% power, allowing for the lowers to catch that light!


“Our goal was to get 400 micromoles of supplemental light energy on the canopy from 8 feet up in our greenhouse. We had previously used another 650 watt LED to unsatisfactory results. Scynce let us test their Dragon XL1200 with 70 degree optics and achieved the light levels we needed with 55% less energy. We were blown away at how well these lights performed…”

William “Skeeter” Bethea

Chief Production Officer

Copperstate Farms

“We ended up with just over 2.5 pounds per light when I usually only get around 2 lbs. with this strain. I had some power outages early on but believe I could’ve done 3+ lbs. per light if all went well and would put the Dragons up against any other light on the market.”

Adrian Scheer

Mammoth Concentrates

Master Grower, B.C. Canada

“After replacing our T5 fixtures with Scynce’s Dragon LP250s not only were we able to achieve a 40% reduction in power consumption, but we also observed faster more vigorous growth from our plants than those grown under the T5’s. Our company’s expectations were far exceeded with the extremely low profile design and its ability to deliver high intensity full spectrum output.”

Brian York

Director of Cultivation

AZ Natural Selections

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